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Subject: Re: Role of the ebXML Editor

Dear Dennis

I am sure that I speak for James as well in explaining that our 
suggestion as joint editors is certainly not to suggest that any 
particular input should be taken in isolation or indeed treated as 
'favourite'. Rather each contribution will be welcomed by the group 
and it will be the whole group that decides the role of each on the 
basis of its individual merits, relevance etc.

I notice that Hartmut has already added the contribution of the BSR 
workgroup of TC154 and this is, of course, very welcome too.

We, on behalf of the UK Data Harmonisation Group, have offered to 
contribute the work that we have been doing in conjunction with the 
UN/CEFACT EWG on inter-sectoral Simpl-EDI semantics as the other 
members of our project team clearly indicated its interest in these 
definitions during our meeting last week.

I very much look forward to us all working together as an open team 
- this will be the only way in which we can reach our ambitious 
and challenging objectives.



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