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ebxml-core message

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Subject: ebXML Core Elements Project Team

Hi All!

I realized by last Tuesday that it was taking too long to hear an
initial message from our listserv, so I contacted Laura Walker.  Sure
enough, I was some how omitted from the list!  I hope I didn't miss any

Attached is our final document from the meeting [in plain text form,
which is required by OASIS].  I have had anopportunity for a few one on
one discussions with various work group members, and am very
enthusiastic about some of the great ideas I am hearing.  I am very
anxious to get started, and will initiate a discussion of interim work
products/activities in the next couple of days.

Until then, I have been in contact with Bob Sutor and Laura Walker on
the topics of our web page and obtaining a contact list for members.  It
is my preference to maintain interim work products on our web page,
rather that trying to email them all over.  This makes it easy for new
members to come up to speed with the progress of the group.  I have been
promised that they expect to wrap things up by the end of the week.


Lisa M. Shreve
EbXML Project Team 3 -- Core Component

Team Leader - Lisa M. Shreve, SysCom Strategies Inc.
Editors  - James Whittle and the Implementation Harmonization work group of 

Guiding Principles/Requirements

1. Syntax Independent
2. Learn from the experience with X12, EDIFACT & XML
3. Utilize OO design principles
4. Separation of common "fundamental" versus "extra" specific 
5. Short term - DTD's, long term Schema's; principles to bridge between DTD's & 
6. Interoperable between EDI, XML & UN layout key code
7. Plan a deliverable schedule at regular, short term time intervals
8. Global and multilingual
9. Respect ISO 11179 rules
10. Methodology to ensure repeatable results

Work Products

1. Guidelines/methodology for consistent building/deriving of core components
2. Identify and develop reusable core components
3. Define Meta data for core business information model
4. Rules for extensibility
5. Recommend procedures for approving core semantic elements 
6. Define algorithm/conventions for producing tag names
7. Guidelines for bridging core elements from EDI

Work Method for first deliverables

? Base on a horizontal example across multiple vertical industry sectors
? Utilize one core element across these multiple vertical industry sectors - PARTY
? Document results and methods
? Publish conclusions in a technical report


? Listserv for task group members
? Work group web page
? Team leader and editor access to updating webpage
? Concentrated/quality work group time at the next meeting
? OASIS ensure participation from rosetta net, OBI, biztalk, etc.
? Formalized process for coordination/communication with related project teams

Reference Documents/efforts

? TC154/WG1 - BSR  www.ISO.ch/BSR 
? Simpl-EDI MIG www.e-centre.org.uk/simpl-edi.pdf
? Eco semantic specification   eco.commerce.net
? Common  Business Library   www.marketsite.net/xml
? UN/CEFACT modeling methodology
? UK SITPRO ElecTra data mapping guide (pending confirmation)

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