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Subject: [Fwd: ebXML:CoreComponents/Meeting Agenda Topics]

Hi all, possibly again.

I sent this out earlier today, and receive an error "permanent delivery
failure".  OASIS asked that I resend to see if the error occurs again.
For those that already received this, sorry for the duplication.


Lisa M. Shreve

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone has been as busy as I have reviewing our set of reference documents!  With the meeting quickly approaching, we can maximize our productivity with everyone familiar with the various projects & activities related to our work effort.

Below is a report on the first steering committee conference call, which took place late last week.  And following that is an agenda outline for the upcoming meeting.  I look forward to seeing everyone there, and hope your travel is uneventful.

Lisa M. Shreve

Late last week was a conference call for all of the Project Team leaders, which I participated in.  At long last, the web site is up and operational, but they are still working on the site.  Hopefully, the listserv is stable now.  In the conference call the following was discussed:

Agenda Topics:

    From the short time we spent together in San Jose last November, it was clear that we as a group have varried experiences and knowledge we are bringing together for this effort.  It is critical that we quickly come to a common vision for products and deliverables.

    We have a very aggressive delivery schedule, the less we have to invent, the quicker we complete our work.  It is essential that we borrow/accept input from the variety of reference materials proposed.    Once we establish a common vision to a level where the fundamental elements are visible, we can then look to our reference materials to determine what we can use from each.  For example, the ASC X12 Technical Report contains an algorithm for converting a text string to a label.  This may be of value, and we could utilize this as a starting point if we have a need for such an algoritm.

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