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Subject: Re: ebXML-CoreComponent contribution by Japan

Hi Hisanao,

> I'd like to send the following mail to the member of Core Component team,
> but I can't do it with the message :
> <ebxml-core@lists.oasis-open.org>
>         Permanent Failure: Bad destination system address
>         Delivery last attempted at Mon, 24 Jan 2000 09:21:06 -0000

The proper address for the listserv is


Which I have no problems sending messages out to.  However, they have a policy
which prevents us from sending anything other than vendor independent formatted
attachments.  In other words, they must be in either PDF or HTML formats.  And,
no, they are not letting us send out zip files either.  I agree this is
unreasonable, and suggest that you contact Laura Walker or Bob Sutor at OASIS to

> Therefore I send it only you.
> Will you please send this note to all the members ?
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hello the colleagues of the Core Component Team.
> Now JIPDEC (Japan Information Processing Development Center) prepared 2 papers
> for contributing the work of the Core Component Team. Those papers introduced
> the message structure of the XML/EDI.

If you are asking that we consider this to be a reference document, then I would
be happy to include it on our list.  We are not going to have a meeting format
like in San Jose, so any presentations will be very informal.  Thank you for
sending this in advance, so that I can have reviewed it prior to the meeting ...
it's a little short notice, but I'll give it my best try.

> The 1st paper (Proposal for XML/EDI Basic Structure) suggests the concept of
> the message structure for XML/EDI.
> The 2nd paper (Mapping Guideline for XML/EDI based on UN/EDIFACT) proposes the
> principle how to map the UN/EDIFACT message in XML document.
> We are expecting the team to discuss those papers in the 2nd ebXML meeting in
> Orlando.
> Attached you can find the 2 papers in Zipped Word format.
> Regards.
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                           Name: ebXML-JIPDEC.ZIP
>    ebXML-JIPDEC.ZIP       Type: SAVE File (application/zip)
>                       Encoding: base64
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------------------
> Hisanao Sugamata
>      Japan EC/CALS Organization
>      TEL +81-3-5500-3668
>      FAX +81-3-5500-3660
> -----------------------------

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