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ebxml-core message

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Subject: ebXML-CoreComponent contribution by Japan

Hello the colleagues of the Core Component Team.

I apologize this so short notice because I'm stragling to send this note to the
ebXML list server. Finaly I understood I can't send anything of ZIPed files.
Now I try to send it in PDF format.

JIPDEC (Japan Information Processing Development Center) prepared 2 papers
for contributing the work of the Core Component Team. Those papers introduced
the message structure of the XML/EDI.
The 1st paper (Proposal for XML/EDI Basic Structure) suggests the concept of
the message structure for XML/EDI.
The 2nd paper (Mapping Guideline for XML/EDI based on UN/EDIFACT) proposes the
principle how to map the UN/EDIFACT message in XML document.
We are expecting the team to discuss those papers in the 2nd ebXML meeting in

Attached you can find the 2 papers in PDF format.




Hisanao Sugamata
     Japan EC/CALS Organization
     TEL +81-3-5500-3668
     FAX +81-3-5500-3660

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