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Subject: Re: Syntax Free Models - was: [Fwd: Oracle Input for Core ComponentsWG]


I have two questions / comments:

> > I have looked at X12 (I haven't looked at EDIFAC but I assume
> > that they are similar).  There is an implicit hierarchy in the X12
> > standards.  The XML can fall directly from the EDI.  I don't believe
> > the hierarchy is difficult.
> The hierarchy of standards is actually a hierarchy of processes - we need to
> clearly distinguish this hierarchy from the hierarchy of message components
> (unfortunately these seem to be mixed in many cases)

I don't entirely understand your comment. Where do you fit a message component which describes (i.e. further refines) a process)?
example: suppose you have a message called "order to buy or sell'. Within that message, you specify (ie. refine) by saying it is for
instance a 'buy'.
In other words, sometimes messages (and as such one or more of their components) describe part of a process. This relates to
defining how 'generic' a message will be.
Or did I completely misunderstood your comment?

> I don't have time to answer these at present, but for 1-3 I would refer you
> to the draft CEN Working Agreement prepared as part of the ISIS European
> XML/EDI Pilot Project last year.

Can you tell me where I could find this documentation you refer to (URL?)?

Best Regards
org:S.W.I.F.T. sc;Standards
title:Product Manager Standards Automation
fn:Kris Ketels

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