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Subject: RE: Syntax Free Models

Martin Bryan wrote:
> I have been tasked by the
> CEN/ISSS project group on Defining and Managing Semantics and Datatypes with
> drafting a paper on the Syntax-Neutral Definition of Business Semantics.
> Whilst I have yet to have time to complete it (especially the forms needed
> to record semantics) I think the overall framework is now sufficiently
> outlined to make it worthwhile sending to this group to see if they can
> identify any missing components.Comments on the draft paper, which you can
> find at http://www.sgml.u-net.com/neutral.htm, would be very much welcomed.


This is a first-impression question.  I'll study the paper at length
later, but this one is getting in the way of full appreciation:

Is the depicted process chain mandatory, or can process
chains be configured at will, or something else?

For example, say that I don't want to use orders or invoices.
They don't add value.  If I can get an end item production
schedule or retail point of sale events, I (as a manufacturer
or distributor) can figure out what to do.  Any kind of signal 
of receipt of goods suffices as signal for payment; invoices 
are not necessary.

So can I configure a more streamlined process chain
using this proposed method (or what would you call it)?

Bob Haugen

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