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Subject: Re: Syntax Free Models

> This is a first-impression question.  I'll study the paper at length
> later, but this one is getting in the way of full appreciation:
> Is the depicted process chain mandatory, or can process
> chains be configured at will, or something else?

No way - it is purely indicative. It is there to illustrate that there are
things that create process chains and other things that create subprocess.
(I.e. its the axis labels that are the important part of the first diagram)
> For example, say that I don't want to use orders or invoices.
> They don't add value.  If I can get an end item production
> schedule or retail point of sale events, I (as a manufacturer
> or distributor) can figure out what to do.  Any kind of signal
> of receipt of goods suffices as signal for payment; invoices
> are not necessary.

So redefine your chain as Despatch>> Receipt >> Payment
> So can I configure a more streamlined process chain
> using this proposed method (or what would you call it)?

Again let me stress I am not trying to define an overall model - thats for
the architecture designers to determine. What I am pointing out is that the
process hierarchy defines the context within which questions are answered.

Martin Bryan

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