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Subject: RE: Definition of business process - Need for Semantics

Cory Casanave wrote:
>We also need to make it clear that while the b2b business process does tend
>to flow back into the business, it is not necessary to have exactly the same
>model exposed internally - some adaptation is possible. 

I agree.  We found in some earlier experience that most companies'
internal process definitions don't even work very well internally, not
to mention for external collaboration.  Most of the assumptions are
wrong, critical properties are missing (i.e. in virtual or vendor-managed 
inventory, who owns this stuff at this location?), irrelevant details
are included, etc etc.

Multi-company collaboration models are not the same as internal
"enterprise" models.  For example, a supply chain or value system
is a thin slice across many companies.  Each individual company
may be involved in many simultaneous value systems.

-Bob Haugen

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