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Subject: RE: Syntax Free Models

Keith Finkelde wrote:
>I suggest that process id/label(InofrmationSeq)  transfer should not be done, 
>but that the more stable State signal be transferred.
>This does not mean that we dont analyse processes and describe value chains, 
>dependencies ..., but that these do not form part of the information transfer.

I agree completely.  If you start sending internal process information 
across companies, you make each company captive to the other
company's internal processes.  Process State is a much simpler
datum to transfer, which can be interpreted flexibly by each company.

We use a similar concept for multi-company supply chains
for manufactured products.  We call it Stage instead of State,
but it is the same idea.  
See one of the slide shows at http://www.supplychainlinks.com 
if you are interested - you need to go about 3 slides in to find
the Stage concept.

>I have attached a modified internal paper for your review.  

Very interesting paper!  I think you have cracked the problem
for multi-company Internet workflows. Was that your goal?

Bob Haugen

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