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Subject: RE: Syntax Free Models

Arofan Gregory wrote:
>Process descriptions - because they model movement in time - are
>tightly bound up with sequence. Data descriptions, because they are not
>bound up by time (other than indirectly, by referenceing a sequence
>description as part of identifying their context), should be left

I agree with you about data descriptions.  

Process descriptions, while they must deal with sequence, 
cannot have sequence relationships "hard-coded".  Manufacturing
and distribution processes, for example, may vary according
to the presence or absence of available inventory, the properties
of process outputs (off-spec requiring rework, potency of active
ingredients, sweetness and other recipe properties) and many
other process constraints that act on the "event horizon".
(I expect you meant that, but want to make sure.)

Another situation where sequence can be important (that Martin
focuses attention on) is the conversation or choreography or
interaction of messages between parties in for example 
making agreements.  There, too, the sequences cannot be
hard-coded, but are important.

Bob Haugen

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