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Subject: Re: Syntax Free Models

Arafon wrote.

> My assumption is that, in terms of an XML implementation, the choreography
> would be manifested as a document that indicates both the steps of that
> portion of the business transaction that will occur between trading
> (rather than the portions internal to the enterprises) for the particular
> transaction; and an indication of where in the process a particular
> is placed. These functions - indicating the choreography as opposed to
> indicating the state of a given transaction - could also be done
> if that makes sense.

This is exactly what an InformationMessage declaration is supposed to do.
This is why I separated out the choreographic sequence from the Information
Sets. But note that you must have some formal mechnanism for defining this
before trading, both as something that can be signed-up to and something
that allows your computer to check that it can sign-up to the process.

Martin Bryan

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