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Subject: ebXML:Core:Reference Sources

Hi all,

Hope things are well.  During our Orlando meeting, we identified a
number sources we were going to use in researching our "context" work.
Those sources are listed at the end of this note.

I'm looking for anyone who can furnish hard or soft copies, or best yet
URL's, for each source.  Once we have those compiled, we will update the
website.  Please reply to either myself, lms@wwnet.com, or James
Whittle, at james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk.  Your assistance is greatly


Work Group 1, "Context".  The Task is to document the set of attributes
that describe “context” of our semantic units for the purpose of
determining content.  Below are the initial set of identified area's of
context.  For each area of context there have been specified a set of
reference sources, in parenthesis.

1 Classification of business sectors (SIC codes, UN/SPSS [DUNS], NACE)
2 Classification of products or services (UN/SPSS)
3 Class of business process (RosettaNet, IOTP, BSR, HL7, RIM, ElecTra,
4 Class of purpose/function [enable communication, identify, qualify,
define role] (ontology.org, BPAWG)

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