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Subject: Re: ebXML:Core:Reference Sources

Well as a start there are links to some specs on the RosettaNet site at


Hope this helps.


At 09:19 AM 3/6/00 -0500, Lisa M. Shreve wrote:
>Hi all,
>Hope things are well.  During our Orlando meeting, we identified a
>number sources we were going to use in researching our "context" work.
>Those sources are listed at the end of this note.
>I'm looking for anyone who can furnish hard or soft copies, or best yet
>URL's, for each source.  Once we have those compiled, we will update the
>website.  Please reply to either myself, lms@wwnet.com, or James
>Whittle, at james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk.  Your assistance is greatly
>Work Group 1, "Context".  The Task is to document the set of attributes
>that describe "context" of our semantic units for the purpose of
>determining content.  Below are the initial set of identified area's of
>context.  For each area of context there have been specified a set of
>reference sources, in parenthesis.
>1 Classification of business sectors (SIC codes, UN/SPSS [DUNS], NACE)
>2 Classification of products or services (UN/SPSS)
>3 Class of business process (RosettaNet, IOTP, BSR, HL7, RIM, ElecTra,
>4 Class of purpose/function [enable communication, identify, qualify,
>define role] (ontology.org, BPAWG)

Leslie Lundquist
Vice President, Research Group
408-446-1260 ext 225

CommerceNet: Venturing with Partners Worldwide
to Create Value through Innovation in Electronic Commerce.

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