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Subject: ebXML:CC:Admin

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend!

I'm pleased to report that we have selected workgroup leaders for all
but one work group.  The context work group is still lacking a leader,
but I'm going to temporarily assume this role.  Each work group leader
is well qualified for the role, and I personally am very pleased with
experience and leadership these leaders are going to contribute to this

Attached is an excel spreadsheet, which lists each work group, the
leader, participants and reviewers.  If you are listed under a group
where you don't intend to participate, or are not listed in a group
where you plan on participating, please notify me as soon as possible
with corrections.

You will be contacted over the course of today or tomorrow by your team
leader, who is trying to get each group organized to become productive
as quickly as possible.  We will initially be focused on identifying
content for initial deliverables, a work plan for getting the work done,
and work methods for doing that work.  I thank you in advance for your
cooperation and support for your work group leader.  They have a tough
job and aggressive schedule, please help them in every way you can!

Lisa M. Shreve


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