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Subject: ebXML:CC:Context reference sources


Just another reminder.

We are still looking for URL's for the context reference sources, which
we can post on our website.  Below is an excerpt from our meeting notes,
listing the reference sources we identified in the meeting.  Please let
either myself or James Whittle know if you have URL's, soft copies or
hard copies of any of these references.

Thank you for your assistance.

Lisa M. Shreve

Meeting Notes from Orlando ebXML Core Components Project team, Sources
of context and resources/reference work efforts.

i. Classification of business sectors [reference sources:  SIC codes,
ii. Classification of Products [reference sources:  UN/SPSC]
iii. Classification of Business Process (role?) [reference sources:
Rosettanet,  IOTP, BSR, HL7/RIM, EWG-D1, GCI, ODETTE/EAN, Electra]
iv. Classification of Purpose/Function (role?) [reference sources:
ontology.org, BPAWG, AIAG]

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