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Subject: RE: XML on the web

-----Original Message-----
From: Cory Casanave [mailto:cory-c@dataaccess.com]
ebXml Group,
The disturbing news is that we have found almost no XML services on the web.
We have even contacted some of the other standards groups to find real
users, with slim results.  Thus, the intent of this message is 3-fold;

1) To attempt to locate real (running) XML services (Based on standards or
not) for the purpose of testing interoperability and to serve as real life
use cases & test cases as we develop the ebXml architecture.

Cory (et al)

We have some services which may be of interest:

1-> http://www.cartnetwork.com

An XML I/O E-commerce application.  This is being marketed using the ASP
model.  We host everything and each new account generates a full set of XML
output of their sales items.  This is really intuitive and easy to use.  If
you have a demo  website,  you can be up and running in about 15 minutes.

2-> http://www.goxml.com

This is an XML Search Engine which also allows queries via an XQI (XML Query
Interface).  We have a HUGE collection of XML data from all over the
internet (probably tyhe largest repository of XML on the web today).  You
can use this service to find other XML sources online or to create your own
service.  We can create a Custom, searchable category for your purposes.  We
offer full indexing and retrieval of all XML syntaxes.

Everyone else - we will make special accounts available for anyone wishing
to develop services or integrate our solutions as part of your testbed.  In
cases where we do not incur extra charges,  we will provide these services
for free.


Duane Nickull

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