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Subject: RE: Summary of XML Datatypes as required for B2B applications

I also feel that the way to go, lies somewhere in the middle. I also see
the EDI data dictionaries e.g. the EDED (data element dictionary), the
codelists with names and definitions for each code,... as an important
input which should not be thrown away. A lot of the elements in these
dictionaries are used in subsets of UN/EDIFACT such as EANCOM or GEDI. 

This does definately not mean that we have to take them all into account ! 


Another inititiative which can be a valuable input is   

At 16:34 17/04/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>At UCC we provide UN/EDIFACT and X12 EDI support for our members' supply
>chains. Through tour work we contribute to such global efforts  as the
>Global Data Alignment Specifications (GDAS) and GEDI data dictionaries.
>We are also building a bridge for our member companies to cross  from EDI
>and manual transactions to XML. We  support all members, whether they
>exchange information with EDI-enabled buyers or smaller SMEs not currently
>using EDI. We also expect to support our members with a global standard.
>Therefore, out position is that the EDI data dictionaries, in essence,
>repositories of business process,  are of immense value as input into the
>XML standards process. In fact, we reuse this EDI knowledge in our XML
>effort, as you can see in the UCC Electronic commerce attachments with this
>However, the EDI knowledge should not be the only input to the process .
>Because of our history of working with our members on EDI industry
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Kerstien Celis

Technical Executive EDI
EAN International

TEL: 32 2 227 10 22
E-MAIL: kerstien@ean.be
WEB: http://www.ean.be

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