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Subject: RE: Business Process team Preliminary Document

Lisa M. Shreve wrote:
>Martin raise's a good point - there is a gaping disconnect between the work efforts 
>of Core Components and the Business Process PT, and it is a priority to correct 
>next week in Brussels.  This has come about through no deliberate actions of 
>either group, but is more of an artifact from having all of the project teams start at 
>once.  Each group has had to spend time internally, working as a project team on 
>its own deliverables ... the requirements document hasn't even been approved!

>In our efforts in core components, we have made cross industry interoperability and
>reusability, while preserving crystal clear semantics, the highest priority.  
>Considerable progress has been made in this area, and we are committed to work 
>with the Business Process PT on achieving these critical objectives.

You may be certain that the Business Process group feels the same way.
We have had several discussions about the need to collaborate with
Core Components, and sent the recent liaison message as a starter.

P.S. All the BP documents try to make clear that everything
is work-in-process at this stage, open for discussion with Core
Components and others.


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