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Subject: RE: ebXML Representtion of Metadata

Message text written by Cory Casanave
>XMI is the adopted OMG standard for representation of
metadata in XML.  There has already been some discussion of using XMI
EbXml.  I am not as familiar with RDF and will take a look at it.

Cory Casanave<



Sridhar did a presentation on XMI in Brussels.  I hope I'm not 
miss quoting - but XMI is still a technology in development.

My sense is that it will take a year or there abouts to get all the kinks
worked out.  Also XMI is serving a different purpose and mission in 
life -  more allied to UML and that case/modelling world.  The OMG 
has frankly never really understood EDI, and their
getting together with DISA X12 last year was a step toward fixing 

The ebXML direction is related but different.  RDF is another completely
different animal again, which the W3C is making great efforts to promote
but as yet has had relatively few takers.  The jury is definately out on
business functionality there is my take.


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