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Subject: RE: ebXML Representtion of Metadata

<Duane said SNIP>
Although I am not an XMI expert,  the one persistant shortcoming that I keep
hearing with XMI is that it cannot provide a "consistent" way to interchange
metadata.  Does anyone have an answer for this comment? <End Duane Said

Please let us know more specifically what this short coming is. Unisys (and
I can mention other major suporters of XMI  - IBM, Rational, ORACLE..) have
been using XMI to exchange metadata for 

	Application development environments using the UML 1.1 and UML 1.3
DTDs (this is where bulk of the experience is)
	Data Warehouse environments using CWM 1.0 DTD (this is where a lot
of the action will soon be)
	Legacy application integration. (Another major area for XMI)

For any metadata precisely defined using UML/MOF, there is a precise

OMG members are using XMI for implementing data warehouses - this is a very
major if not THE major environment where metadata management is crucial.

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