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Subject: RE: ebXML Representtion of Metadata

<SNIP>  Sridhar did a presentation on XMI in Brussels.  I hope I'm not 
miss quoting - but XMI is still a technology in development.

My sense is that it will take a year or there abouts to get all the kinks
worked out.  Also XMI is serving a different purpose and mission in 
life -  more allied to UML and that case/modelling world.  <SNIP>

While XMI certainly had PART of its roots in the world of UML - another part
was in metadata management per se.  It's use in the OMG data warehousing
standard (guess what OMG was NOT known for data warehousing either 2 years
ago) is a very good example of its richness for very serious enterprise

I have to agree that XMI is a technology in development - so is XML, XML
Schema etc.

P.S (I was not there in Brussels so some one else may have presented XMI!).
Continued meeting of the minds of EDI experts and OMG metadata experts can
only serve both communities well.

So to summarize : XMI is not just for exchanging UML models.  

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