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Subject: RE: ebXML Representtion of Metadata

Message text written by INTERNET:dfrankel@gendev.com
I think it important to distinguish between the complexity of the DTD and
the complexity of the streams that conform to the DTD.


Also notice that the DTD is generated from the XMI by slamming 
everything into ATTLIST declarations.

This is NOT good for consistent information storage and retrieval
optimization in a database context.   Sure the schemas will work,
but performance will go into the toilet as any information retrieval
will be forced to do a sequential search against the entire 
information space....

So - it works to tranfer the model - but you cannot base the interchange
transactions themselves off the model instance.

Back to that glassblowing analogy - more research needed on optimizing
both the model and the interchange formats.   An interesting rule-based
generation application - if you need someone to write some Prolog, 
I volunteer!


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