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Subject: RE: ebXML Representation of Metadata

At this point it might be interesting to note,
that RDF is perfectly capable of transporting
UML data, since UML is just a specific
RDF vocabulary. Please note that RDF is
also capable of encoding instance data based
on specific UML vocabulary - eg. RDF represents
not just a class person, but also a specific person

For a description and validating parser please
have a look at:


At 12:50 PM 5/24/00 -0400, David RR Webber wrote:
>Message text written by Cory Casanave
> >Interestingly, the
>Venetian glass blowers where correct in their own way, they still make the
>most wonderful work.  But to put glassware on the tables of billions we
>the machines.
>Notice I was NOT disagreeing with this assessment!
>Just that the 'glassblowing' is still evolving (rapidly).  Teaching a
>machine to 'glassblow' pre-supposes we know how to do it all
>ourselves!  In this case all the kinks have not been worked out yet.
>Also as Sridhar, Scott and other pointed out XMI is designed to
>provide XML semantics for exchange UML and other object design
>information.  While referencing this can be useful in the context of
>describing those components - the actual interchange format itself
>needs to be based closely on the business process needs -
>thats the EDI world.  In this context SOAP is a transport mechanism
>that relates.
>BTW - footnote on SOAP - I jumped back like being snake bitten
>when I saw ARRAYS in the SOAP spec's.  Red flags on interoperability
>and lack of forward compatiblity went off all over the place - hopefully
>these will rapidly be depricated by use of recursive XML structures to
>replace any such ugliness of arrays. Presumably Microsoft left this
>array stuff in for some weird VB compatibility somewhere....?
>Think objects and XML trees - not arrays, please!
>As noted above - the glassblowers are still perfecting the best techniques!

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