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Subject: RE: ebXML Representtion of Metadata

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
Finally, I too am not a big SOAP fan (as it is currently written) since it
is too tight a binding to the operation itself, and promotes the concept of
"bridges" - which software vendors seem to like in order to sustain their
business.  Lose all the arrays, and other argument "types", and treat the
XML document as a string for each operation argument, and then the spec is
philosophically "right-on".  Leave the operation implementation up to
others; i.e., let me determine whether I parse it with the DOM, SAX, or
custom, and call my RPC, ActiveX, or CORBA interfaces.  Operation
should be the only goal with the specification, and it should be a simple
specification at that.



Well now you've said it!  I was being more polite - but yes - right on

SOAP is a step in the right? direction in terms of Schemas though?  The
scrary thing here is it opens up a Pandora's Box - where the Schema is
not a schema but a re-map of W3C schema as a schema dialect that
thereby removes or obscures the original syntax from the end user,
if you follow the thought process.

Sort of 'roll your own schema' toolkit.



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