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Subject: Re: " Information "


I am the project team leader for the ebXML Core Components group.  Several announcements have been made by the
ebXML chairperson Klaus Naujok on this subject, but it is such an important topic that the message bears

In ebXML, the approach we are taking is to use what we can from past work, but the vast majority of past work
is reference.  We are not taking any bulk content from either the X12 or EDIFACT dictionaries.  We are going
to great lengths in the Core Components Project Team, to define what we are calling "Smart Core Components",
which represent the next evolutionary step in the ability to define interoperable messages.  Over the next few
months, you will see the exciting breakthrough this work represents be refined and demonstrated.  Half of the
60 active participants in the project team have a strong EDI background, and we are fortunate to have as many
visionaries collaborating on this important initiative.

In addition to having copied Klaus on this message, I have included Melanie McCarthy, the chair of the X12
Steering committee XML task group, both of whom can answer additional questions on official X12 and EDIFACT
positions on XML.

Best regards,

Lisa M. Shreve

X12 has taken no official position on converting X12 dictionaries, and is not endorsing any vendor approach.

Mario Pérez Villeda wrote:

> Hello everybody, Did you know me, but I am Mario Perez Villeda manager
> of EDI in Casa Autrey S.A. de C.V.,the most efficient channel for
> wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals, food, beauty aids, personal
> care and consumer products. It is a professional organization constantly
> seeking the optimum link between the product and the consumer in Mexico
> City.
> I have some question about EDI and the future of XML/EDI:
> 1.- What happened with the standards EDIFACT?
> 2.- Who defines the rules of migration to XML/EDI?
> 3.- Which standard (ANSI X-12 or EDIFACT) will we use?
> 4.- Who is coordinates the migration from EDIFACT to XML, and who is
> certifies?
> 5.- What version we will used of EDIFACT, 96-A, 97, 98, 99 etc.:?
> Thank you. all.
> Regards
> Mario Pérez Villeda
> Manager of EDI
> Casa Autrey S.A. DE C.V.
> Netzahualcoyolt # 79
> Colony Centro
> México D.F.
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   Informatica EDI <infedi@autrey.com>
>   Gerencia de EDI
>   Casa Autrey S.A. de C.V.
>   Dirección de Sistemas
>   Informatica EDI
>   Gerencia de EDI                                                                      <infedi@autrey.com>
>   Casa Autrey S.A. de C.V.
>   Dirección de Sistemas
>   Netzahualcoyotl # 79 Colonia Centro Cuauhtemoc;México;Distrito Federal;06080;Mexico  Fax: 01-52274560
>                                                                                        Work: 01-52274500
>   Additional Information:
>   Last Name Pérez Villeda
>   First NameMario
>   Version   2.1

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