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Subject: RE: ebXML Representtion of Metadata

Scott, what is your take on whether  "consistent" results can be obtained
using this approach?  If ten people in ten different parts of the world do
the same XMI 1.1 meta data interchange from UML to an XML syntax, will they
get one result or ten different results for the same process? <SNIP>

There have been two major interoperability demos involving products from
over 10 vendors (IBM, Oracle, Unisys, Rational, Select, Hyperion, Dimension
EDI etc,) over the last 12 months, where we proved interoperability between
different systems.  So we are quite confident that the spec is clear enough
to allow interchange.  In September we are planning the next major
interoperability demo for interchange both data warehouse metadata and data.

Also over the last several months several thousand copies of Unisys and IBM
XMI implementations have been downloaded by customers are as well as
tool/middleware vendors.  The tool vendors are enabling their tools also to

Let me propose a test - Send a metamodel conforming to XMI/MOF to IBM and
Unisys and see whether we generate consistent XML documents and DTDs!

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