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Subject: Re: ebXML Representation of Metadata

> At this point it might be interesting to note,
> that RDF is perfectly capable of transporting
> UML data, since UML is just a specific
> RDF vocabulary. Please note that RDF is
> also capable of encoding instance data based
> on specific UML vocabulary - eg. RDF represents
> not just a class person, but also a specific person
> "Stefan".

Being based on a simple tuple model RDF is capable of describing anything. The question is whether or not it is capable of describing anything efficiently in a manner that allows that data to be a) queried in human understandable terms (i.e. not using RDF terminology)  and b) maintained in distributed databases (i.e. can I extract parts the different parts of an RDF stream so that they can be used to update different databases efficientily).

Martin Bryan

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