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ebxml-core message

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Subject: request-for-documents : schemas & DTDs ?


glad to be working with all of you.


  I finally got the HTML-help workshop installed, here.


  1)   if anyone has some recommmendations about :

		XML | XSL | * : schemas or DTDs
 	, as per ebXML means and aims ,

         which they would like to receive in an HTML-help package,
	please mail any URLs or documents directly to:


	( if sent via this mailing-list, they would be shuffled 
		out of the main inbox folder,
		via message-filtering rules,
			and would likely not be incorporated as promptly )

  2)  one of the items on the local project-board is:

	a re-draft of the w3C XSL-specification. , to HTML-help format.

	if anyone is interested in receiving a copy of this,
	 please send word to the above email address,

	 eg: " re: XSL-spec : redraft "

	and you should then receive notification
	  of the first public release.

  3)  if anyone is running on a non-microsoft platform,
	please mail me about that too,
	so we can figure out how to get you a copy of these document-sets
	in a compatible format.

	( it would probably be individual HTML files, at first. 
	   hopefully, some sort of scripting on them, therafter.

		  [ eg: a synchronized table-of-contents ] )

	   and "TeXInfo" is another option. and not a bad one. )

  4)  if you have any other requests for some  
		to-HTML and/or to-HTML-help
		doc-formatting, re: ebXML ,

		please feel free to direct them to here.

  ( eg:  additional plans:

	collecting the full of the currently-public
		ebXML drats and other documents,

	pending completion of a local mirroring of the ebXML site. 

	packaging these for access via the  "HTML-help" interface,
		and, optionally, without the "CHM" packaging ,

		and distributing these as "a snapshot of the ebXML drafts" )

and i'm off to the workshop.

good day.

-- Sean Champ

   Fresno, California

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