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ebxml-core message

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Subject: PDF from XML

hello, all.

I don't know if this has been mentioned in the lists, before.

software-package :

  name:  "FOP"
    acronym-expansion: "Formatting-object parser"

  URI:	http://xml.apache.org/fop


	to generate PDF documents from XML source-files,
	via XSL transforms.


	license: Apache Software License 
		  (copy is available in the standard distribution-package )

  other notes:
	the standard distribution ( eg: what's been downloaded to here )
	 also comes with some examples of the XML used
	  and the PDF created via the XML.

	there isn't a "FOP-users" mailing-list, yet.
	 ( there is one called "FOP-dev" .. development )

	if folks start using this, maybe we could host a FOP users-list
		via the ebXML site ?

	( PDF == good for business-documents, no ? )

a CC:  , on any replies about the above, would be appreciated.

 ( the local message-filtering has hopefully been adequatly fixed,
	but it's good to be careful . and thank you. )

-- sean champ



  this bears a good look-through of the ebXML site, to make sure that it hasn't
been already adressed and set into the process, but

	has anyone started working on setting-up a searchable database for the
mailing-lists ?


	I ran a "link-validator" across the ebXML site, this weekend.  

	the error-log is available on-request.  
	( there were a few 404:document-not-found errors )

	I'm planning on processing the results-log
		 towards the status of an official report, 
	but have some other systems-work to take care of, in the meantime.

	if anyone wants a copy of the log-file,
		would be happy to attatch it along the email-lines.

	and if anyone wants an href to the web-site for the link-validator,
		that should be easy to track-down again.


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