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Subject: work-point : inter-WG-messaging systems : SMTP


a)  sorry if the line-wrapping doesn't work with the white-spacing, on this

	we do need something better than text/plain, for info-sharing.

	XML seems to be the best candidate.

	( and we could probably use a cross-platform XML-browser. 

		does anyone have a suggestion, about that? )

re:  a good messaging-system for utilization among the ebXML working-groups.

1) I'm looking at the headers on a typical email-message.

2) I should be able to dig up some answers to the following, elsewhere, but if
some folks on this list could help out with it, it is pertinent to ebXML-core .

  I'm needing to find out:

	a) which of these headers is a unique [ descriptor | ID ]

	b) which of those would be the best to use, in XML-based message-threading.

==>	c) if an NNTP-post has an X-UIDL header

		( would have checked this myself,
		  but the local NNTP access is being problematic. 

		  would hopefully be able to find an answer to this point "c"
		   in whatever releavant RFC docs, or elsewhere,
		   and that'll be on the to-do list. )

==>	d)  if _every_ message sent via SMTP is given a header:

!!==>	e)  if it is possible to enable "etags" usage, on a server of type:
		1) NNTP
		2) SMTP

		(eg: in a message-header )

==>	f)  needing to double-check whether we're running on the Majordomo
SMTP-server, here.

		==> does anyone have some good links for Majordormo 
				docs and info?

3) for a unique-message-ID on SMTP-posts, 
	I'm seeing the following as likely-candidates:



"X-UIDL" looks like the more space-efficient choice.

I'll take it that every message sent through these SMTP servers has a "X-UIDL",
though I do not have the SMTP RFC available off-hand.

I'll take it, also, that every X-UIDL has a unique string-value.

	if these assumptions are inaccurate, please say so.

	otherwise, that's what I'll probably be using, for references-to-list-posts, in
some pending reports re: ebXML-core.
	( and probably in other ebXML-WG reports )

4)	this seems like a good example of how xLink could be useful, or something
similar to xLink.   [ http://www.w3.org/XML/Linking.html ]

	and I'd like to say it's relevant to ebXML-groupware,

		and a report, about that, is pending. 

		as well as a summary of some recent issues mentioned
			in-re: "List Administration"

		and some other items, which are best left at
			"it'll be here when it gets here"

5)	if it's relevant, and if the quantity of participant-members is seen as a
merit for it, perhaps we can get a seperate mailing-list established, towards an
ebXML collaboration-system project.

6)	I'm new to this group, and wasn't able to get anything done about it until I
got the message-filtering fixed.  I mean no offense by the following, but it may
be worth the mention:

	one way to avoid finding a massive number of list-post instances
		is to keep some of the work-items off the list,
		to handle it in direct communication 
			between ebXML participants,

		then to post a report-about-results, to the list.

		if I can manage it, I'll try to get some things built, to help folks with the
reports-writing and reports-posting, and to ensure that we'll be getting XML
source of any project-documents submitted. 


		- data-sharing: 

			"FOP" == XML-to-PDF [ http://xml.apache.org/fop ]

			XML == what we're supposed to be working with, here,
				( and it's probably not a bad idea
					to build a stable work-shop
					before going to "production" status )

				a number of things could be said about XML,
				but probably not in this email.

				standardized [ DTD | schema ] for reports
				( how's the progress, there? )

		- security:  

			!MS-word macro-viruses.

		- compatibility:

		     re: MS-word :

			!proprietary document-formats

			there should be no need to install another
			  conversion package,
				or viewer-package-for-format-x

			  when we've got tools enough, via

					has some points-of-criticism on't
					but may still be worth't,
					to a degree. )


				  (eg: "glue" between client-side apps. )


				  (it's cross-platform, lightweight,
					can be generated via XSLT-processing,
					and CSS can enahce the presentation,

					[ though web-UA-vendors
						have made it somewhat painful
						to use CSS for web-docs,

						if we can get some data
						on what UAs are used
						among the ebXML WGs,
						this should be helpful.

						this will likely be 
						addressed in another report



	and if I can get payed for this work, 
						even better.

sans adverbs, for now,

-- sean

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