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Subject: project-management software


has a description about this "SmartWorker" suite of PERL-modules.
(under the heading including text:  SmartWorker Analysis )

== some degree of project-management, apparently.

(and Larry Wall said it himself that "PERL is the cliff-notes of UNIX".
   and it seems reasonable to wonder, then, if PERL is really suitable for all
that's been put to it on the web, or if it's just a "syntactic mess" of
something that /might/ be useful for sysadmin work. )

the point:

	if someone felt like installing an using the SmartWorker suite, maybe it would
turn up something that would help things to run smoothly, here.   at the least,
it might return some pointers to functionality-desired .

if you're using UNIX, you've probably got PERL installed on your machine,

if you're not, try http://www.activesate.com , if you'd care to give PERL a try.

if you'd like to install the SmartWorker modules, i'd be willing to lend some
assistance, if needed.

( I don't use PERL. two of the reasons for that are stated above. ("Cliff notes
for UNIX", "syntactic mess".) 

 but, if someone needs help with it, as long as you don't ask me to use a
function called "bless", when a PERL interpreter has zero capabilities of
blessing anything, when it is a lifeless, if "post-modern", piece of
software-engineering, then I should still be able to help. )


	if anyone would care to use some collaboration-software, or group-ware, or
general project-managment software, please feel free to start tossing
"wish-list" items towards:


I don't want to cause any frustration about going-over-heads, but if some
groupware would help, then groupware I'll build.  and maybe it's not "going over
heads" but is rather just "taking the intiative, to get it _done_."

but it _won't_ happen, if I _don't_ get input about what's actually needed, and
what might not be absolutely-requisite but might be rather-helpful or at least
"nice to have available".  I should be able to get a good idea about this,
whenever I have time enough to traverse the full ebXML site, but if I don't get
input, then I'll probably not have much reason to continue work on it.

and maybe this has been a lot of posting for one person in two days, and there
are other things to focus on, but I'm glad to have put some items on the table.

and we should maybe all take a look at "Robert's Rules of Order", and get things
running along an official line.

and I need to do so myself. i've got some URLs buried around here, somewhere,
about that, but i've also got resume-work to do, portfolio-items to build, and
would like to do more than just toss out a  "here's Robert's Rules of Order" ,
leaving it at that.  (and the used bookstore just happened to have a copy of
Robert's Rules. and hard-copy is nice.)

and a note about messaging-software:

	if we make it easy for folks to attatch each message to a WG-relevant topic, it
should indeed be easier to keep track of things, and it might cut down on the
message-flow, and might improve the relevancy and general productivity-level.

	if we make it so that messaging-software is the only means by which to present
a message, then maybe we can reach a "zero irrelevance" point, though maybe we
can even manage this via majordomo (eg: something on the receiver-side, to parse
out the mail-headers, with something on the sender-side to generate, and send,
an XML document, which would still be perfectly readable with ordinary email
software, but which would have markup-elements holding special significance to
the software on the receiver-side. )

and I'm glad that the parents were able to help with what might be book-money
(eg: Java-for-the-EDI-work), and still hoping for an employment-opportunity as
a  worker on such as this.

and business-people are workers, too.

and the extraneous comments will probably be cut-out of any official reports
about the group-ware & etc. issue.

but I'm not in the mood to act like a machine, right now.

and if anyone has a good laser-printer to spare, that would be sincerely
appreciated.  dot-matrix isn't going to do it.

hoping that the day goes well for everyone,

-- s.c.

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