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Subject: comments on wg07rev03 core-component group

Personal contribution:
1) for next versions it would be more workable to have line numbers in order
to locate more easily comments.
2) paragraph 3-1 : some other représentation class candidates:
Indicator (a two value attribute indicating a condition such as: on/off,
true/false, yes/no, 0/1, etc),
Text (a series of sentences describing a person, object or event.
Value (numeric quantity that is assigned or is determined by calculation or
Time, (in complement to date and time).
3)paragraph 4-4 We have to kept code as identifiers in order to be
performant for BtoB exchanges and to keep feasible the goal of multilinguism
which is in ebXML requirements.
4) paragraph 4-5 segementation of core component
The problem is the coordination between data modelling and business process
modelling. Process modelling is supposed to described the whole scenario and
must also describe the data exchanged. And if you focused on data modelling
without caring about process modelling then you want to capture information
of business processing in your data model. If you care about modelling alos
the scenario then your data model is more simple bexause you describe roles
for example in a specific FTD. For example in pattern definition SAMPLE-P-01
and in Business entity SAMPLE-E-01 the sub classes "buyer, seller, ..." may
be not needed there and could be taken in account at the level of the
scenario description.
5) chapter 7 should be in a separate document, however the figures are not
avalaible in this document.
I hope these first comments will be helpful.
Best regards.

Alain Chapdaniel

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