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Subject: RE: HR-XML


Thanks for the mention of HR-XML. Our organization is, of course,
focusing on the message payload -- so ebXML's work in the
transport and routing area is very interesting to us.

s-champ@pacbell.net wrote:
> 2)  they've gone the w3c route of for-fee membership.
> 	they've  also gone the w3c route of charging what seems, to
> this person, like
> ridiculously high fees (on the top membership-levels...with not much worth
> besides a "look-see" coming from the lower membership-levels).
> exclusive. in a
> colloquial term, in the opinion of this young'in, "lame".

Actually, the barriers to entry are very low. An individual membership
is just $100, which probably doesn't even cover our economic costs
for individual members who fully participate in calls and meetings.
The fees for organizational members are admittedly a good deal higher
-- but funding from our membership fees has been very important in
getting our new organization off the ground (we just incorporated Dec'99)
and in backing it for success.
> 4)  their schemas are here:
> 	http://www.hr-xml.org/schemas.html
> 	...note the "work-in-progress" disclaimer on it.
> 	( is it so difficult to devise, and to settle about, a good
> schema? )
The recruiting and staffing schemas posted on the website have been
very good discussion starters. One of the particular challenges in
the HR domain is creating durable data models that can be
shared across processes - Consider a position applicant who becomes
an employee, who becomes an employee benefit plan participant, who
perhaps gets hurt on the job (which creates reportable events), and
who later leaves the employer, making the person "COBRA" eligible.
While working with all due speed to produce useful schemas, we also
are working with the deliberativeness necessary to ensure that we
develop data models that will be useful across a myriad of HR

Our recruiting and staffing workgroup has made a lot of progress
and will be demostrating some inter-member staffing transactions
based on the current draft at this month's International Human Resource
Information Management Conference and Expo (see www.ihrim.org for
information on IHRIM and its Conference and Expo. http://www.hr-xml.org
has some details on an HR-XML breakfast panel discussion scheduled
for June 21). We also have workgroups actively working on schemas to
support employee benefits enrollment and certain defined contribution
and define benefit plan data exchanges. Training, time and attendance,
and payroll are fertile fields for future Consortium work.

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