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Subject: Re: Who is managing the manufacturing subgroup


As you may recall, at the conclusion of the Thursday meeting, we asked what industry
groups were going to take back our list of core components, and continue these
activities on their own.  I was very pleased to see the positive responses.  For
example, the OTA representatives were interested in taking the Travel work back, and
continuing on their own at their next available meeting times.  In addition,
materials management and the automotive representatives expressed interest in
continuing the Manufacturing work efforts.

I will be at the AIAG meetings this afternoon, and expect that we can discuss further
work there.


Susan Zaffarano wrote:

> All:
> Who is managing the subgroup for Manufacturing supply chain defining
> core components and context components?
> Please advise
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   Susan Zaffarano <Susan.Zaffarano@oracle.com>
>   Product Manager
>   Application Integration
>   Susan Zaffarano
>   Product Manager                                  <Susan.Zaffarano@oracle.com>
>   Application Integration
>   3290 W. Big Beaver Suite 300 ;Troy;MI.;48084;US  Cellular: 810-321-4864
>                                                    Fax: 248-816-8050
>                                                    Home: 810-412-1973
>                                                    Work: 248-614-5094
>                                                    Netscape Conference Address
>                                                    Netscape Conference DLS Server
>   Additional Information:
>   Last Name   Zaffarano
>   First Name  Susan
>   Version     2.1

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