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Subject: iORMYX, Inc. - A leading eAI provider...

Hi Friends,

Has your company ever considered the benefits of integrating disparate
systems, applications, databases, mainframes, legacy systems, and then out
to your partners, suppliers and customers. iORMYX's end-to-end eBusiness
Application Integration team can do just that. We improve efficiencies and
increase profits. We can prove it, like we have done in the past. 

Who in your organization is responsible for leveraging your existing
information technology? If it is not you, I apologize, could you let me know
who in your organization would be responsible for that or forward this to
that person(s). 

iORMYX's eBusiness Application Integration team enables companies to become
create a Virtual Enterprise by providing a secure, cost-effective,
end-to-end integration solutions that link applications, networks,
communication and data standards into seamless and manageable eBusiness

Do you have any of the following eBusiness integration needs? 
* Integrating best-of-breed applications (web to ERP) 
* Integrating relational databases and legacy systems throughout the
* Integrating beyond the enterprise: supply chain, e-commerce 
* Any other...

Please feel free to either contact me or visit our web site at


Prawal Gupta
eBusiness Application Integration
iORMYX, Inc.
575, Herndon Parkway
Herndon, VA 20170
Ph    : +1 (703) 456 7127 (W)
        +1 (703) 731 6061 (M)
Email : prawal@iormyx.com
Web   : www.iormyx.com

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