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For Immediate Media Release: Auckland, New Zealand, June 23, 2000. 


If XML is the way of the future in e-commerce and web interconnectivity,
then developers must have access to the best possible XML tools.

Today, ORION SYSTEMS announced SYMPHONIA 3 XML - for immediate release to
XML developers. The Symphonia messaging toolkit now offers the unique
ability to automatically generate an XML ActiveX object. 

Symphonia's XML Composer provides a simple GUI-interface for designing XML
schemas and document definitions. The good news is that developers can now
generate an ActiveX object that wraps the Microsoft XML DOM and provides an
easy-to-use static interface. Orion's chief Symphonia architect Paul
Kendall, believes this ability to "generate an ActiveX control is unique to
Symphonia and will further reduce time spent in development."   
The generated ActiveX objects also provide support for document interchange
with optional Biztalk Version 1 tags. XML Composer supports W3C compatible
DTDs and Microsoft compatible schemas. 
Developers can also guarantee they're creating "well-formed" XML documents.
When integrating the ActiveX object into an application, the developer can
easily check the document they're creating or receiving is valid. This will
significantly reduce the time taken to debug new XML documents. 
Additionally, users can:
-Import XML definitions from existing XML Schemas and DTDs
-Define the structures of elements, attributes and documents
-Create new schemas by using 'drag-and-drop' from existing definitions
-View documents in a tree hierarchy and change features with
'point-and-click' ease

Developers can try out the new XML technology at the Symphonia website

The downloads include:

1.  Free 30-day trial of Symphonia 3 XML Tools
2.  Free HL7 Active X objects. -Choose from the entire HL7 message library.
No run times, and no payments due ever.
3.  Free Semi-Composer - a profiling tool. -This tool provides the ability
to generate specifications based on message definitions. 
4.  Free 2 minute audio-visual expose of Symphonia. -The best 2 minutes
you'll spend at work this year! 
5.  Free Symphonia Explorer -display, test and debug messages
Symphonia 3 is an easy-to-use, universal messaging toolkit that enables
vendors, consultants and developers to rapidly add industry-standard
messaging capabilities to new, existing and legacy systems. Orion's
Symphonia parses a wide range of standards including HL7, XML, X.12
(including HIPAA and HCFA), EDIFACT, ASTM, NCPDP, and user-defined message
formats. Extensive encryption capabilities are included and a wide variety
of operating system platforms are supported. 
Visit the Symphonia website at http://www.symphonia3.com for more


About ORION:
Orion Systems is a leading software developer specialising in communications
and real-time computer applications. The Company designs software for use in
demanding environments and has a reputation for delivering technical firsts
engineered to the highest international standards. Orion has won awards for
its innovative technology solutions.

Please contact me if you require further information.

Shayne Jones
Business Development Manager
Orion Systems (NZ) Ltd
PH: +649 357 6323 xt 3316
FAX: +649 357 6324
Email: Mailto:shayne.jones@orion.co.nz
www.orion.co.nz www.symphonia3.com

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