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Subject: Core Components work plan

Subject: CC PT Project Work Plan
Date:   21 Jun 2000
From:  Lisa M. Shreve
          "ebXML-StC" <ebxml-stc@lists.oasis-open.org>,

Please find below the Core Components PT work plan. If you have any
questions or comments regarding this email, please contact me at 248 737

Lisa M. Shreve

ebXML Core Components Project Team Work Plan

Revised June 20, 2000

I.  May 26 - Submit first draft of Methodology for Describing Core
Components to full ebXML for review and comment

II.  June 5 - 9 - X12 meetings

A.  Continued the Manufacturing Group work for 2 full days at X12's H
Subcommittee, materials management. Results were mixed.  There was some
difficulty syncronizing between what we were trying to achieve versus
the typical way the subcommittee was accustomed to operating.  Follow on
work is planned in July, at AIAG.

B.  Travel, Tourism & Leisure met also during the week to utilize the
meeting time to forward their core components work efforts.

C.  The C/Architecture Task Group is putting together "general data
patterns", which at a technical level we will need to address within
ebXML.  This was partially prompted around an ebXML discussion about
cardinality.  This will be input to the extension methodology work.

II.  w/o June 12 - European Transport Group met, and devoted 50% of
their meeting time to the work of Core Components.

III.  June 15 - AIAG XML meeting, discussed hosting an AIAG Core
Components day to continue on with the Materials Management Core
Components work.

IV.  June 21-23 - UK meeting to work on extension methodology.

V.  June 30 - distribute draft version 2 to full ebXML for review.

VI.  July 14 - Close of second comment period of Methodology for
describing core components

VII  July 19 - AIAG Core Components day to continue Materials Management
Core Components work

VIII July 28 - Compile the industry lead cc work results

IX August 7-11   ebXML San Francisco Plenary Meeting

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