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Subject: [Fwd: Alignment Conference Call Minutes and Info for Dial In]

Hi all,

Earlier this week, I announced that a work effort has been started to
align the BP meta model, with work we are conducting in Core Components,
especially in the area of context.

Monday was a conference call on that subject, and attached are the
minutes of that call.  I encourage anyone interested in participating in
this effort to contact me, so that I can get you onto the distribution

Have a great weekend,


Alignment Group Members:
Please find below minutes for the Alignment Conference Call that occurred on July 10th. The minutes detail information related to the July 10th conference call as well as dial in information for the Alignment Conference Call scheduled for Friday (tomorrow) July 14th at 12 pm Eastern Daylight Time. To refresh our memories, remember that the Alignment Conference Calls are for those persons from either the Business Process Team, Core Components Team or anyone for that matter wishing to work on the task of aligning the business process metamodel and the core componets "context" as it relates to the metamodel.  If you know of anyone not listed on this email that you believe would like to contribute to this effort, please invite them to join us on the call tomorrow.
Alignment Conference Minutes 7/10/00:
Bob Haugen
Mary Kay Blantz
Sharon Kadlec
Antoine Lonjon
Lisa Shreve
Bill McCarthy
Paul Levine
Karsten Reimer
Scott Hinkelman
Marcia McLure
Sally Fuger
Sue Probert
The group agreed that the primary purpose of this meeting was to put a process in place that would allow the Business Process Project Team and Core Components Project Team to continue working independent of one another in areas where team tasks do not overlap but that a plan be drafted to work together in areas where there is convergence. Following discussion, it was agreed that creating Usable Examples describing scenarios for BP/CC ebXML model coordination was the most productive way to proceed forward and should be the focus of this group. Brian's Example document was held up to be a clean and 'easy to follow' example for presenting how CC context fits into the BP Metamodel. The Alignment Group identifed three specific example areas where a joint effort between designated CC and BP Team members should occur.  The examples and designated alignment group members for this task are identified below.  They are:
The Auto Example- Bill, Bob, Mark Kay and Lisa Shreve
Action: Mary Kay and Lisa will send Bob a 'Model' for his review.
The Travel and Leisure Example- Karsten, Scott and Sharon   and
The International Transport Example- Sue and perhaps Doug Towser or a BP person to be identified by Sue.
A fourth example under consideration is Payments. 
Action: Marcia will try to find a payment expert to work with a designated CC context member in this area.
The Alignment Group felt it was important that the BP Team and CC Team be informed that there is no real conflict between these two groups and that we expect to work together to create  BP Methodology and a Model that reflects the efforts of both teams.
The agenda for the July 14th Conference call is as follows:
>Review Brian's example
>Determine if the CC Context Report by Brian and the  3 Example Documents should/could be merged into one document to be presented to the ebXML members in August. 
>Identify the core members of each example group and any additional persons to begin work on the examples.
> Agree on the expected outcome of this group's efforts for the August meeting.
For discussion, outcomes might include the Metamodel, three Usable Examples and 1 Model Demonstration incorporating a CC submodel with the BP Metamodel demonstrating how CC context can be derived from the BP Metamodel. 
Tomorrow's conference call information:
To join the call on Friday 14 July at 12:00 p.m. US EDT to continue the
discussion on alignment in the activities of the BP and CC PTs, international
callers dial

+1 732 336-6000 followed by a PIN of 5174#
US callers dial
888 892-0357 followed by at PIN of 5174#.
Best regards,

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