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Subject: Re: CC Conference call on Wednesday, 11 EDT

> Agenda.

>    * methodology for describing core components doc
>         o original doc
>         o graphic additions by Hisanao & Martin
>         o Martins doc

We need also to discuss Mike's model, even though it hasn't gone to all of the CC group, only to UK DHG members. However, it is a candidate, and does have an alternative terminology.


PS Sept 27th material was: 
The conference calls have been setup for 11:00 am EDT [8:00 am PDT] the following dates:  September 27, 2000, October 11, 2000 and October 25, 2000. 

US Dial In: (888) 232-0365 
International Phone Number:  (805) 240-9653 
Passcode:  989216 

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