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Subject: Re: Document for Tomorrows meeting


Nice start but there are some problems with the schema:

<!ELEMENT CollaborationDef (Role|Role|(CommercialTransaction?|BusinessCollaborationProtocol?))>
you are not allowed two elements with the same name in an XML OR group, so Role|Role is not permitted. Also a ? alongside a member of an OR group does not make sense, as they can only apply to the whole group. Did you mean to have a sequence such as (Role, Role, (CommercialTransaction|BusinessCollaborationProtocol)?) or was the duplicated role just a mistake?

The claim that a CollaborationDef only involves a single CommercialTransaction, which can have at most one Response is plainly false. For example, different responses may be required dependent on whether or not the requested action can be undertaken. Similarly there may need to be multiple responses, for example to book both transport tickets and seats for a concert booking, or transport tickets and hotel accomodation for a request for a holiday. In addition, the request/response sequence may not be direct. For example, in some cases an instruction to transport goods may be responded to by the actual shipper rather than the forwarder who the request was sent to. Only at a later stage will the forwarder respond to confirm the arrival of the goods.

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