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Subject: Document for Tomorrows meeting

Metamodel team:

Here is a preliminary draft of a document that describes an XML schema that is
 simple, satisfies the semantics of the BP metamodel (Collaboration Modeling 
Metamodel and UML profile). 

This document and the underlying schema has been prepared by Jean-Jacques
Dubrays, and Antoine Lonjon, based on the semantics of the UML profile.
We will use this as a starting point in tomorrow's 
discussion of minimum and sufficient XML level specification of a business 
process and it's associated information model. This document is just one of 
several possible approaches. The metamodel group as such will determine
whether  to move forward with this approach or some other approach.

J.J. will attempt to be on the phone from an airplane tomorrow. If that fails,
we may want to reschedule a walk-thru of the proposal. I would like to have it
happen this week, though.

J.J. and Antoine, Thanks for your hard work and contribution.



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