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Subject: X12 ebXML Core Components Work

Report of X12 ebXML Core Components Activities

We started with a presentation describing Core Components work for about
fifty people.  The group represented most of the lettered subcommittees.

We then formed teams to work on Core Components and Core Blocks.  Each team
was given a list of the Core Components derived previously,
 a list of Core Blocks derived at AIAG, and a spreadsheet to use for data
entry.  The groups working on CCs were:

	Transportation - Shipment Status
	Government  - Taxes
	Materials Management - Shipment Notification and Receipt Advice
	Finance - Invoice
	Health Care - Vital Statistics
	Mixed - Purchase Order
	Product Data - Discharge Monitoring Report

This work continued, in some cases, through Thursday morning.  In several
cases the teams intend to continue work in the interim and plan to spend
much of the February X12 meeting on this effort.

The results from the X12 meeting have been given to Paula Heilig, who in
working to consolidate them.  If any of the teams have 
additional work results, please send them to Paula:
pauula.heilig@worldspan.com.  As the consolidation work in completed,
 the results will be posted to this site and to the X12 XML web site.

Attached please find:

List of Core Components
List of Core Blocks

 <<X12 CC Presentation.ppt>>  <<Core Components.xls>>  <<AIAG Core
Blocks.xls>>  <<Spreadsheet.xls>> 


X12 CC Presentation.ppt

Core Components.xls

AIAG Core Blocks.xls


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