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Subject: Introduction, getting started questions, dimensional units

This seemed to be the list with the most traffic, if inappropriate, I apologize.

My name is Curt Arnold and I'm a developer with Hyprotech (http://www.hyprotech.com) which provides engineering software solutions to the oil and chemical process industries and is a division of AEA
Technology  (http://www.aeat.co.uk) which also serves the many other industries.  I'm fairly heavily involved in the XML community through xml-dev, Apache, comments on the XML Schema draft, etc and am
a recent member of OASIS.

The ebXML web site doesn't appear to have much specifics.  Is there a better place to go to get caught up on the current state of things and know how to participate.

I do have a specific question.  From my recollection, UN/EDIFACT had an appendix that has a fairly exhaustive list of dimensional units (meters, barrels, K, railcars, etc) that had specific codes
assigned to allow them to be unambiguously identified (since their are multiple interpretations of barrel, calorie, etc).  I was wondering if there were efforts to incorporate that into ebXML.  I
would assume the best approach would be to use a URI to identify units in the instance documents and to publish a list of URN's generated from the UN/EDIFACT's unit code.  It might possibly follow any
patterns set up for identifying currencies.

If you could point me to any appropriate documents, mailing lists, etc, I would appreciate it.

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