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Subject: Re: Harmonizing terminology between cc & bp

Mary Kay,

Yes, that is the proper comparison.  I'm sure the groups will make a
smooth transition to the new terms.



Blantz, Mary Kay wrote:
> Lisa,
> Per our conversation, I put together a tiny spreadsheet (Matrix compare.)
> Column one contains the
> spreadsheet terms we use at X12 and AIAG and for some of the CC business
> domain teams.
> Column Two contains what I think are the terms we should change to.
> I hope that someone on this list will be able to say yes, no, or maybe to
> each.
> In addition,  I think the order/arrangement of the CC Terminology matrix
> needs a bit of work.  It's
> not really clear, for example, that Identifier, Name, etc, are identifiers
> for Information
> Entities.  Maybe some indentation is all that is needed.
> I do not understand how EmbeddedInformationEntity can be "rules."  Perhaps
> someone can
> explain that and then I'll be OK with it.
> In all, it looks like a lot of time and effort was devoted to this.  If the
> comparison
> on my attached matrix is correct, we can begin using the new terms ASAP at
> AIAG and at
> the next X12 meeting.  Maybe start using them both in the headings, until
> everyone is
> comfortable with the "Proposed CC Terminology."
> Mary Kay
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Lisa M. Shreve [mailto:lms@wwnet.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2000 9:32 AM
> To: ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org
> Subject: Harmonizing terminology between cc & bp
> Hi,
> Attached is draft document which includes a list of
> descriptions/definitions along with a set of terms which have been used
> for the same description.  Our purpose is to align terminology, so that
> we can update the core component methodology document.  I see the
> document as valuable for assisting cc & bp in completing the alignment
> of terminology, and then helpful in the ta document.
> The first column represents our recommended terms.  If we can align
> terms, then we can get our methodology document out for review.  It is
> not proposed to at this point be a comprehensive set of cc terminology,
> but when complete will assist in the glossary work.
> Regards,
> lms
> I look forward to
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                             Name: Matrix compare.xls
>    Matrix compare.xls       Type: Microsoft Excel Worksheet (application/vnd.ms-excel)
>                         Encoding: BASE64

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