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Subject: Tokyo Meeting

Hello Core Components!

Just a couple of items:

Remember to go to the ebxml web site to register if you're going to be in
Tokyo.  It would also be terrific if
you'd let me know if you'll be there and which of our teams holds your
interest.  Maybe we can do a little advance planning.

Attached is a preliminary agenda for the week.  A couple of items that are
worth noting:

	The majority of the week will be spent in team activities.  We
should have plenty of time to produce deliverables!

	We plan to start each day with a quick review of what happened at
the previous night's Steering Committee meeting and
	a review of what happened at each of our team meetings.  There is so
much overlap in our work, that we need to make
	sure we're all in sync, and that we aren't doing any redundant work.
In addition, many people have talent in many areas
	and their input will be very valuable.

	We'll be working closely with BP on most items, and both Paul and
Marcia have agreed to our agenda.

Finally...any suggestions or comments on the agenda or anything else would
be most welcome.

See you in Tokyo.

Mary Kay

 <<Tokyo Agenda v2.doc>>  

Tokyo Agenda v2.doc

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