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Subject: comments from Andreas Schultz

Hi all,
these are my remarks on this document 4b_AnalysisAggregate:
Aggregate Type: Party identity
Why is "Name" basic and not an aggregate? It contains pre-name (maybe first
and second), last name, title.
There could be a dependency to Party type code, because there is a
distinction between a company/organisation name and the name of an
The "gender code" in party is marked as "Ext.". Is this really true. The
name of an individual sometimes doesn't tell you whether this person is male
or female. So, if the name is an individual's name the you need his gender.
What are the basic elements of language in row 43?
Are you sure, that you need four telephone elements. Normally this is one
string, at least as you look at it from a database perspective, because
otherwise a system that can call someone directly from this information in
the database will have some problems.

Andreas Schultz

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