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Subject: Re: comments from Andreas Schultz


Thanks for your comments. See below for details.... 

The analysis work will continue between sessions and we hope to have a
second draft of the spreadsheet to distribute to core components by 8
December 2000. 

Comments are welcome at any point! 

Sincerely, Marianne Cockle

>Aggregate Type: Party identity
Why is "Name" basic and not an aggregate? It contains pre-name (maybe
and second), last name, title.

Yes - we should add these. Currently name is a single basic for use as
a company name or a person name where no break out is needed. However,
it is clear that some domains will need to break out a name into first,
middle, last, and title.

>There could be a dependency to Party type code, because there is a
distinction between a company/organisation name and the name of an
>The "gender code" in party is marked as "Ext.". Is this really true.
name of an individual sometimes doesn't tell you whether this person is
or female. So, if the name is an individual's name the you need his

This was an area of debate in Tokyo as gender only applies to people
and not to companies. Also, in the domain matrix, only travel used
gender. As insurance also needs gender, we may need to promote gender
from extension to core.

A wider question is wether we should create an aggregate within party
for Person Details. This would include the name break out to first,
middle, last and title. We could also include gender, language and/or
nationality. There may be more entities that apply to a person party,
but not a company party. Your ideas on this would be appreciated!

>What are the basic elements of language in row 43?
Language has not yet been analysed. Watch this space for more details!

>Are you sure, that you need four telephone elements. Normally this is
string, at least as you look at it from a database perspective,
otherwise a system that can call someone directly from this information
the database will have some problems.

This is similar to the option to provide a name as a basic entity or
broken out into first, middle, last, and title. With telephone, you can
choose to use Identifier to contain the number as one string or use the
break out into four entities.

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