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Subject: RE: EBXML Catalog


What you are probably interested in is the work of the Core Components and
Business Process team within the ebXML effort. This group is - among other
things - defining standard components from all different types of messages,
including catalogs, to allow intelligent re-use of data based on a component

To put a complicated approach simply: the group is working on defining, in
an automated way, the context of reuse for any component.

If your business process is publishing catalog content, then the data
components would be structured appropriately, even though that same data
might be reused elsewhere with a slightly differetn structure, in another

The value of context is enabling smart applications to understand that the
information is functionally and semantically the same, even if the contexts
(and, therefore, structures) are different.

This makes it completely different from any other standard approach,
although these standards were certainly examined as part of the effort, and
many have been represented in the working group.

A simple "mapping" between ebXML and other standards is not strictly
possible. The ccbp group is *not* simply defining another set of catalog

To learn more about this, please go to http://www.ebxml.org/, or perhaps
http://www.ebxml.org/project_teams/core_components/Context.htm would be more
to the point.

I hope this helps!


Arofan Gregory

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From: yanqin xu [mailto:xuzenu@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2000 12:38 PM
To: ebxml-ccbp-customs-request@lists.ebxml.org;
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Subject: EBXML Catalog

Hi, everyone,

Can anybody tell me how the EBXML Catalog works, what has been done, where 
the documents are, currently how many groups are working on this, how they 
work together ? If there is an expert who knows everything about EBXML 
Catalog, please point out and let me know in your earliest convenience. 

Also I think it will be helpful if we can do some gap analysis work or 
comparison work between EBXML Catalog and other standard catalog, for 
example, OAG 7.0 Catalog and OASIS Catalog. It will beneficial to both EBXML

and other standards. If your group are interested in this part of work, I am

volunteer to participate in this work.


Jenny Xu
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