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Subject: Submission to technical architecture

Hi All,

I have started a document for submission to technical architecture, on
behalf of core components.  It was a bit difficult to decide where to
stop, for the purposes for TA, but decided that they would require the
details to understand what is being proposed, but would probably remove
some of the contents.  For the purposes of CC & BP, it is at a level
sufficient to continue discussions started in Tokyo.  Arofan & I had
further discussions on this subject last week, and I didn't want to lose
the momentum.

Let me start by saying it is incomplete, and the terminology is not in
sync with BP [or for that matter, other project teams].  It also lacks
proper representation of the Trading Partner work, which CC is very
interested in.  However, I do think it is a reasonable discussion

I will be off for the next couple of days, holiday, but look forward to
moving this discussion forward.



TaCore Components.doc

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